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Portugal 2006 - Algarve

2 years, 7 months ago

Flickr Friday – Algarve

With much of Europe experiencing below freezing temperatures and icy winds, this Flickr Friday we explore an area with one of the most stable climates in the world. Because of its proximity to North Africa, and thanks to sitting comfortably on the Mediterranean coast, the Algarve region of Portugal makes for one of the best spots in Europe to thaw out.

So sit back, imagine the warming sunshine caressing your skin and enjoy this collection of unusual angles to view this stunning place.


Ghost fishing. By YaYapas.


Paisaje del Algarve. By fontxito.

150762327_4358471f62_oAbandoned boat in Alvor. By Vitó.

6096644593_cea14fbf76_bFaro. By marettay Maurizio Mori.

2419017662_726c53e740_bSilves Castle. By Bert Kaufmann.

3641517292_e2671ec63e_oSilves, Faro. By c@rljones.

6220435496_d9c137a418_bPraia do Amado. By Dani Alvarez Cañellas.

193856578_bf68794444_oLagos. By mazintosh.

4463108877_361df5a009_bImage by Bruno Amaral™.

2512864871_0520313d47_bLagos. By MeckiMac.

1392809449_d758c5d65a_zHidden Algarve. By lynxpardina.

6083770370_e738651ed9_bPego do Inferno. By Turist.

6925980072_a6b28a1f12_bFerragudo. By gulfman1.

2750103779_3cccefe0d0_zPursuit of happiness. By dB e n c h e c i.


Featured image by Travelling Pooh.



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