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2 years, 10 months ago

Flickr Friday – Florence

This week, our Flickr Friday series takes us to Florence, the Renaissance heart of Italy, and a city which is truly blessed with incredible architecture. Enjoy the photos and wherever you’re travelling to, have a great weekend.

Image © Jon Rawlinson

Ponte Vecchio – Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Image © Sheldon Wood

The skyline of Florence – Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Duomo di Firenze – Image © Jim Moran

Image © Martin Sojka

The Uffizi Gallery – Image © Sam Javanrouh

Rooftops of Florence – Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Boboli Gardens – Image © MrUllmi

Image © chiner1

Image © Giuseppe Moscato

The Basilica di Santa Croce – Image © Giuseppe Moscato

The façade of Santa Maria Novella – Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Image © slack12

 Piazza San Pier Maggiore – Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Image © Giuseppe Moscato

Image © hugovk



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