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2 years, 11 months ago

Flickr Friday – Venice

This week it’s a special pre-October half term Flickr Friday, and we’re celebrating Venice in north east Italy. Autumn is a great time for a city break with cheaper airfares and less crowds, allowing enjoyment of the famous sights and charming neighbourhoods without the hordes of summertime tourists. Admire this hand picked collection of unusual photos, and have a great weekend.

Image © Alex Dram

Image © Tony Hammond

Image © Piero Fissore

Image © Jose Maria Cuellar

Image © efilpera

Jewish Ghetto area of Venice – Image © vgm8383

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore – Image © trinchetto

Venice from Above – Image © Tambako The Jaguar

Piazza San Marco – Image © Scott Ingram

Venice rooftops – Image © Trey Ratcliff

Image © bolandrotor

Image © Silvia Sala

Image © cliff hellis

Image © Andrés Nieto Porras

Image © Tony Hammond

Image © Silvia Sala



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