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5 years, 2 months ago

Travel Trends for 2015

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What’s going to be trending in 2015? Tastemakers and key influencers have sharpened their quills to convince us what we should be wearing, saying, eating, drinking, listening to, watching, buying – even calling our kids in the coming year.

It can get confusing, we’ve already cynically furrowed our brows more than once. For example we’re prepared to accept that wearing mobile technology is the way of 2015. But we struggle with cost-a-fortune watch designs that look like bling from an annual convention of low-rent JayZ lookalikes. Then there’s the idea that the coming year will be the one where ‘eating local’ goes right out there and finds us pitching up at a stranger’s house in some distant land and demanding an ‘authentic’ dinner. Apparently there are people who already do this and they have websites to prove it complete with pics of merrymaking diners loving the entire experience (definitely not posed by models). And our passion for all things posh is set to gather even more momentum in 2015. Where once we were happy to visit a stately home and fidget our way round some ancient artefacts, the world domination of Downton Abbey, Made In Chelsea, Inside Tatler et al has created a desire to actually tourist around in the life of people who can identify lineage by the colour of your Labrador – yes, that is a real thing apparently.

So not to be left on the shelf looking as if we lack conviction, we’re going to come right out and tell you exactly what we think might trend in travel for 2015.

Astral Tourism

Not the ultimate staycation (save cash, have an out-of-body experience), we’re talking star gazing under some of the most astonishingly starry skies in the world. In theory we all live under the same sky, but some skies are definitely clearer, brighter and less polluted than others. Top destination for 2015’s astral voyagers is Chile’s Atacama Desert. Fabulously eerie and (thanks to the movie about the 2010 mining disaster) now on the map for once in a lifetime experiences. Atacama is just under an hour’s flight from the Chilean capital, Santiago. Good trending news, because it’s one of the top cities to visit this year for dedicated foodies. A gorgeous mix of clean modernity and twisty, windy, charming traditionalism, dominated by the snow crested Andes, Santiago is stunning. And for the past few years its Young Turk chefs have been bringing home international awards by the caseload. This year could be your last chance to get there before everyone else does. Less of a hike but no less magnificent (if you’re timing’s good) are Iceland’s Northern Lights. If you visit Reykjavik this year you could bag another travel trend with completely independent, eco-conscious, young and eager to please, WOW Airlines.

Cycling Is The New Golf

Paris Vélib'

Paris Vélib’

According to those who worry about what middle-age men do in their spare time, cycling (yes, in lycra, sadly) is giving golf a hiding in the active holiday stakes. But as middle-aged Irish cyclist, Bono, recently discovered, cycling isn’t as easy at looks, especially in cities. Hire a city bike in Paris this year and you won’t just be on trend for 2015, you’ll be putting in some good practice for future trending too. The city has announced serious decongestion plans for the next five years, including extensive no-car zones in the city centre so get your Vélib subscription this summer and show your support.

Double Posh London


The Rugby World Cup is coming to England in 2015

London out-poshes almost anywhere on the planet and few sports come with a better pedigree than rugby – invented at the English public school of the same name and beloved by people who know their way round a formal place setting. So if you’re looking to follow next year’s posh travel trend you want to be in the UK capital for September 2015 when the Rugby World Cup Final is played at Twickenham. And if that’s not snooty enough for you, you can always rent a Housetrip property at one of London’s elite addresses – including Chelsea, of course.

Best in Braggies

Valetta, Malta - Grand Harbour

Valetta, Malta – Grand Harbour

The selfie’s alive and well but 2015 is the year that sees braggies become even bigger than their pouty older sister. Top bragging rights will obviously go to furthest flung, most glamorous and clearly exotic. But for budgets that won’t stretch to such extremes for a bit of boasting, the trick is to choose good looking, great value and an occasion. If you haven’t visited the tiny capital of Malta, Valletta, this is your chance. The traditional 17th century old town looks as charming and lovely as ever. But more recent additions by legendary Italian architect, Renzo Piano, are truly magnificent – best in class for a braggie has to be the Gateway to the City. And in 2015, Valletta celebrates the 450th Anniversary of the Great Siege, when a measly few Maltese Knights held an entire Turkish Army at bay and triumphed victorious on 8th September 1565 – the planned party will be definitely braggie worthy.

Now it’s your turn. Which trends are you going to be slavishly following come 2015 and, better still, which are you going to determinedly ignore?

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