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8 years, 8 months ago

About HouseTrip

HouseTrip is one of Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website. Our clever guests have realized that for the price of a tiny, soulless hotel room they can have an entire house, or apartment, or castle, or boat… We give them over 100,000 choices in hundreds of destinations across the world, many with unbiased reviews from previous guests – and the list is growing every day.

Our guests love that a HouseTrip is an authentic trip, allowing them to live like the locals do. They can shop for produce at the markets and whip up a feast in their very own kitchen, or even put a load of washing on.

Renting through HouseTrip is safer, because guests use their credit card to pay online using our secure system – no more risky money transfers. Plus, we don’t pay the host until after they’ve checked in and are assured that the property is what they were expecting.

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