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6 years, 3 months ago

Escape Christmas – Five Places to Say Bah! Humbug!

In countries that worship at the altar of jingling bells, holly wreaths, and mobs of aging, scarlet gentlemen with cornucopian facial hair; there are, unsurprisingly, many who do not feel the urge to partake in the lamentably common commercialism and faux.

Yes, absolutely, me too. I  think deep down under our novelty Christmas jumpers we can all sympathise with those who feel the need to escape Christmas, especially now we are stuck in the middle of the long festive run up surrounded by too many adverts, too many mince pies and too much Slade.

So, what are your options should you choose to escape Christmas this year? Where can you go and say “Bah! Humbug!” without being labelled a Scrooge? Well, here are my suggestions.

Marrakech, Morocco

5243827962_60797cf3a5_bcredit: zilverbat.

The red city is traditionally Muslim so Christmas is not the everything-grinds-to-a-halt occasion that it is in other parts of the world. But perhaps this isn’t the best reason to visit Marrakech at this time of year; it’s the weather. With temperatures often staying in the low 20s (Celsius) and more sunny days than not, you can say “Humbug!” in your cool cotton T-shirt while getting lost in a maze-like Medina or haggling your way through the famous Jemaa El-Fna market. Alternatively, to escape Christmas, the city and almost everything else, I recommend a trip to the nearby Atlas Mountains for stunning, floral landscapes and star-filled skies that will make you feel far from everything.

Bangkok, Thailand

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While many parts of Bangkok and Thailand will be adorned with Christmas decorations and fairy lights – it’s peak tourist season after all, and they know us “Farangs” love a bit of festal bobbledness – the Buddhist majority of Thai residents of course don’t approach the festive holidays with the same gusto they do their own spiritual festivals and celebrations. Moreover, I can absolutely guarantee a 0% chance of snow. Therefore, it’s easy to avoid Christmas in the Thai capital while also topping up your tan and satisfying your Tom Yum cravings. Immerse yourself in culture by visiting one of the city’s elaborate temples or rummage for vintage bargains at Rod Fai market. Alternatively do little more than relax by the pool of your luxurious high-rise apartment before heading out at night for arguably the best street food in the world.

St. Petersburg, Russia


If you’re keen to avoid Christmas but not the pretty winter scenes that a snowy landscape brings, then head to Saint Petersburg. With the Russian Orthodox Church celebrating Christmas on 7th January you can time your visit to escape the chaos at home, while also soaking up a little seasonal spirit if you’re not 100% Scrooge. Often hailed as the Russian Federation’s most “European” city, St Petersburg’s picturesque canals, architecture and growing “foodie” scene are reason enough to visit. Unsurprisingly the beautifully intricate WinterPalace is at its most impressive when surrounded by pure white snow and you can seek warmth and culture in the city’s many museums including the world-famous Hermitage art gallery.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2468177931_d83afd9ce5_bcredit: Palingzp

You may think this an unusual choice because it’s in the thick of Christmas-celebrating Western Europe, but hear me out. By the time Christmas Eve arrives in Amsterdam, children have already had their presents and they’re a little bit over Christmas. This is because the more commercial celebration of Sinterklaas comes much earlier on the evening of the 5th December and Christmas Day itself is a celebration mostly reserved for religious Christian families, though everyone enjoys a day or two off work. With the Dutch state and church being long separated, this means that Christmas in Amsterdam is festive, but it’s far from an overwhelming seasonal assault on your good will, so head to Amsterdam to admire a beautiful city lit up at night (Amsterdam Light Festival runs from 6th December until 19th January) and enjoy all the usual heart-warming Dutch treats like stroopwaffel, poffertjes and piping hot bitterballen washed down with a local beer in one of the city’s many “gezellig” brown bars.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

shutterstock_130288289 (1)

While Kuala Lumpur won’t be outdone when it comes to Christmas shopping and January sales opportunities – head to the upmarket area of Bukit Bintang for this – the traditional and older areas of Malaysia’s capital will offer you little clue that Christmas is upon us. That’s not to say the city is without sparkle, but it’s a sparkle that you can find there every day of the year. In the heart of Chinatown, along Petaling Street, lanterns and lights glow above the famous market stalls and in Brickfields, also known as Little India, lights left over from Diwali lead you to delicious street stalls where you can eat curry off a banana leaf for less than $4.00. And if you’d like to leave the city behind for a day or two head up to the tropical rainforest of FRIM – close to the famous BatuCaves or to the CameronHighlands, famous for its rolling hills of tea leaf fields.

So are you planning on escaping Christmas this year? If so, I’d love to know about any other tinsel-free towns you think are worth visiting for your ‘anti-Christmas’.


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