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6 years, 10 months ago

Explore Majorca: Family Fun in the Sun

The popularity of holiday destinations often experiences a natural ebb and flow, like the turquoise waves that wash up on beaches across the Mediterranean. In fact only a handful have maintained their popularity and appeal generation after generation and only a few have stayed as much loved by families as the Spanish island of Majorca in the Balearics.

And there are many good reasons why; the small island with long, sunny summers and white sand beaches has more family fun potential per square mile than most entire islands. Read on for just the tip of the sand castle of what you and your family can do on the island of Majorca.

Palma de Mallorca

Carruaje en la catedral de Palma de MallorcaVvillamon

The capital city of Majorca island and the surrounding Balearics has a reputation for being a haven for the rich and famous during summer months and along with the paparazzi, this has brought a certain class to this historic city. That’s not to say it’s not family friendly; because it is. From the miniature village museum of Poble Espanyol showcasing Spanish and Balearic architectural history, to the famous Palma Aquarium or the curious museum of antique dolls there is a wide variety of child-friendly activities. Depending on how much of a funny face your kids pull when you mention the word “Cathedral” see if you can head to the city’s cathedral to grab a quick glance at Gaudi’s Chapel and you can reward  (or bribe) your patient kids by then spending the afternoon at the beach which is only a ten minute walk away.

Theme and Adventure Parks 

Waterpark MallorcaBurkazoid

Love ‘em or hate ‘em amusement parks are a parent’s best friend on holidays for tiring out children and providing plenty of entertainment in one spot, albeit at a cost. You can afford to be picky in Majorca when it comes to choosing a theme park to suit your little ones. There’s the Amazen Laberintos theme park dedicated to mazes, the Jungle Park at Santa Posna, the upside down house and interactive rides at Katmandu Park in Magaluf and a trio of waterparks in Magaluf, S’Arenal and Port d’Alcudia. That’s not even mentioning the many adventure and nature parks dotted across the island. For something a little different head to the Ostrich Farm in Artestruz where you can get up close to these giant birds and even ride an ostrich if you’re feeling brave enough.

Trains and Trams

Sóller RailwayDanTheBeastMan

Over on the west side of Majorca is the peaceful countryside town of Sóller, an ideal location for a relaxing family holiday, though for kids the adventure will be getting there if you hop on a train from Palma. Zig-zagging across the island’s mountainous and exotic terrain, children of all ages will be fascinated by this journey in an early 20th century train, which chugs through a tunnel in the mountains. Once in Sóller make another excursion – this time by tram – to reach the nearby coastal town of Port Sóller where there is a beach with child-friendly shallow waters and beautiful views of the Tramuntana Mountains across the horseshoe bay.

Food, glorious food!

Forn Fondo BakeryBill on Capitol Hill

While Majorcan families don’t eat until late at night, most places on the island are used to serving food earlier to small (and big) ones not used to waiting that long for their food. Local foods that you can see growing across Majorca and then enjoy on your plate include olives, almonds, oranges, lemons and wild mushrooms though we of course, recommend letting the professionals do the picking. Pork and fish are often the staples of meals and if you want to indulge hungry children with a local speciality maybe order Sobrassada, a Majorcan sausage, though we anticipate they’ll be more impressed by the sugary sweetness of bunyols, small doughnuts made from a potato batter and dipped in sugar.

And did we mention that summer has already well and truly begun over on the island of Majorca? With over 1000 holiday homes to rent easily and affordably, you should start to think about planning your family break there now.



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