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7 years, 6 months ago

Flickr Friday Sicily

Happy Friday everybody. This week we are travelling to the island of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. A Greek colony over a thousand years ago, Sicily was then taken over by the Roman Empire. Scattered around this lush and beautiful haven you will find ruins as testament to these legacies such as ampitheatres and even a temple coinstar scam Coinstar Money Transfer, CANADA, ALBERTA dedicated to Apollo. Enjoy these amazing, unusual snaps; and have a great weekend.

Deteriorated building in the historical centre of Palermo – Image © Hugo Pan

Cefalù – Image © Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Image © Stefano Mortellaro

Image © Dennis Jarvis

Image © Cristiano Corsini

Taormina at night – Image © Giacomo Carena

Taormina – Image © gnuckx

Mondello – Image © Dennis Jarvis

Testa dell’Acqua – Image © Stefano Mortellaro

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  • Maxine says:

    I went to Sicily in 2010 to work for a holiday company and never left. It is a beautiful island that I adore, great food, beautiful scenery and wonderful history. My only comment would be the rubbish folks tend to litter, a lot. Its very distressing to see such beauty so filthy, but that aside it is a wonderful place to visit and I would recommend it to everyone !! not to be missed.

  • Tony DeCrescenzo says:

    If you enjoy real local Italian life then your trip to Siciia should include a day in Montalbano, a mountain town about 1/2 hour or so by car from Taormina. Check it out on youtube.

    • Sally says:

      You could have a wonderful long weekend, without a car, in Palermo alone. Easy to get around by foot and bus. It has Byzantine mosaics as good as Ravenna. Gorgeous Palatine Chapel and Monreale Cathedral, entirely covered with wonderful coloured murals. Palermo has a small but exquisite art gallery with 15thC stuff. After two or three days, return to the airport on the bus, pick up a hire car and head out to Selinunte to see the huge ruins there (mid-afternoon, after the tourist buses have gone). If you stay in Marinella del Selinunte one can walk to the Selinunte site and a nice beach. Then there are so many other places to see. Sicily is a gem.

  • Baska says:

    Go to Modica for the best cannoli in the world

  • roberto says:

    SICILY the land of beauty, fragrances, food, wine, sea and of all things, of which you can not ‘do without in life.

  • richard says:

    don’t forget Siracusa

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