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A Foodie Time of Year

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When did all the foodies get together and decide late October, early November would be their time? Because at the moment it looks like there isn’t anywhere in Europe without some kind of gourmet event going on over the next four weeks, whether you’re a ‘my little cheese shop’ elitist or prepared to travel anywhere for food freebies. Chocolate in Paris, Mark Hix in Dartmouth, scavenging (sorry, foraging) in Malmo, truffles in Italy; forget The Best Restaurant Guide, those in the foodie know clearly aren’t just reserving tables they’re booking flights and heading for source. So what does the dark and delicious underworld of culinary adventure have up its crisp, white sleeve for our future delectation? We’ve taken a look at some of the more accessible events over the next few weeks, picked the most intriguing and added in the extra incentive of dozens of HouseTrip properties to rent nearby – because it’s always handy to have your own kitchen when inspiration hits (or you don’t want your truffles to spoil).

Dartmouth Food Festival 2014, Dartmouth, Devon. 24th – 26th October For the past 11 years the quaint harbour town of Dartmouth in Devon has been quietly cooking away to create what’s now one of the UK’s best annual food festivals. This year, eating, drinking and making merry take over the whole town from 24th to 26th October. Top chefs and writers from all over the country descend to feed, teach, inspire, entertain and amuse thousands of visitors. There’s a Children’s Festival for young foodies, cooking classes and demonstrations, all types of tastings (edible and drinkable), quizzes, competitions and a famously good all-round party atmosphere. Plus, it’s in Devon, which is just breath-taking at this time of year. Find HouseTrip properties in Devon.

Fiera Internazionale Tartufo Bianco D’Alba. 11th October – 16th November

Truffle tasting in Alba

Truffle tasting in Alba

Now in its 84th year, the Alba White Truffle Fair is Italy’s most celebrated celebration of the deeply unlovely but delicious Tartufo Bianco. The world’s most expensive delicacy is championed all over the country in autumn, but Alba hosts the World Truffle Auction so it’s the king of the fungus. The fair happens every Saturday and Sunday from 11th October to 16th November and immerses you in local food, wine, cooking, tasting and, of course, truffles. It’s brilliantly inclusive, lots going on for children and if you’ve never eaten truffles this is one of the few places you can afford to try them. Find HouseTrip properties near Alba.

Salon du Chocolat, Porte de Versailles, Paris. 29th October – 2nd November

Chocolates in Versailles

Chocolates in Versailles

This spectacular event is possibly the most ridiculously glamorous foodie indulgence ever. Not only is it held in the centre of Paris at Europe’s largest exhibition arena, it’s all about chocolate. You may be passionate about the stuff (who isn’t?) but you will never have experienced it like this before. There’s chocolate centred entertainment from the world’s cocoa producers, plus tasting, cooking, concocting, moulding, sculpting, drinking and even wearing chocolate. Yes, wearing chocolate. We’ve never been able to work out how it’s possible but the Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show asks you to suspend belief and simply be stunned. Find HouseTrip properties near Versailles.

Eat & Style Festival, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart. 24th October – 23rd November Sausages, beer and pretzels? Germany begs to differ and the Eat & Style Festival more than proves the country’s point. Held in five of Europe’s most exciting and design-centred cities from 24th October to 23rd November, Eat & Style is a celebration of how enviable it is to be German when it comes to food, drink and fabulous lifestyles. It’s a young festival but it has plenty of celebrity pull. And, cool as it is, it’s not even slightly elitist or stuffy. One note of caution: leave all thoughts of diet at home, this is one where eating is expected and plenty of it goes on. Find HouseTrip properties in Germany.

BBC Good Food Show, Olympia, London. 14th – 16th November If you like your foodie event served up with large helpings of celebrity, the BBC Good Food Show in London this year is made for you. Jamie Oliver is cooking, Mary Berry is baking and book signing, Michel Roux is adding Gallic charm and dozens of others are demonstrating, chatting, creating, inspiring and working every minute of this massive 3 day culinary extravaganza. There’s a Cake Village, huge Artisan Producers Market and the World Cheese Awards. The Good Food Kitchen is feeding thousands magnificently. And trying, tasting and being tempted is pretty much the only rule everyone’s obeying. Find HouseTrip properties in London.

What can we say, except Bon Appetit – and if you figure out how they manage to keep the Salon du Chocolat dresses from melting, let us know.

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