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6 years, 7 months ago

Google+ Hangout Friday 1pm – Foodie travels with Niamh Shields


Spices from Egypt, fresh Italian seafood, a German hog roast. What are some of your favourite local food finds? What about asking a famous food blogger? Surely she’ll know of a few to help you make the most of your holiday eating.

Do you like the idea of quizzing a foodie and getting some tips? What about learning how to make the most of the kitchen in your holiday rental?

Renowned food blogger Niamh Shields of eatlikeagirl joins us this Friday the 16th of August at 1pm (UK time) for an exclusive Google+ Hangout, where we’ll be asking her your questions live and on air.

We will be chatting with Niamh about all things food and travel related, including delicious recipe tips, her favourite fresh produce and cities with amazing food markets.

Click here to view the Google+ event

The Hangout will be streamed live via our HouseTrip YouTube channel. To join in, follow our Google+ page and confirm your attendance to the event. We will update the event page 15 minutes before we go live (at 12:45pm UK time) with the unique URL for you to follow so that you can watch the Hangout live.


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