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Mothers Day

4 years, 11 months ago

Happy First Mother’s Day

If you’re under the impression you don’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day officially until the small, pink scrap of chaos you’ve got at the moment is old enough to wake you up at dawn with salted cornflakes and a bug infested daffodil, think again.

In fact, as far as we’re concerned, the very first Mother’s Day is about the only one you can really make the most of. So, since tiny is too little to have an opinion yet and just the right size to be overjoyed by simple pleasures like food and sleep, here are a few of our favourite places to celebrate being a new mum this year – all plenty baby-friendly and highly recommended by some other new mums you might recognise.


Paris is lovely at any time of year. But there’s something about spring in the French capital that’s especially enchanting. It’s warm enough to sit outside cafes. All the parks and gardens are blossomy and pretty. Shops overflow with new season clothes (new mums need new wardrobes, and where better to begin than Paris). Local markets laden with amazing spring ingredients are stocking up the city’s fantastic restaurants. And it’s never too early to introduce baby to that first, sedate and iconic ride on one of the city’s beautiful old carousels. Glamorous new mum, Abby Clancy, is such a frequent visitor to Paris you’d have been forgiven for thinking she’d moved here.


When ex-East Enders’ star, Martine McCutcheon, recently joined the ranks of celebrity mums she was regularly spotted making London motherhood look effortless. Because if ever there was a city that made it easy to combine being a grown-up and a new parent, this is it. Whether you want to splurge on the world’s best vintage (try Spitalfields, Camden Market and Brick Lane) or get your little one into the way of lazy Sunday lunch at the earliest opportunity, visit child-friendly and free museums and galleries or just sit about in the early spring sun, London is a perfect Mother’s Day place to be.


Actress, Joanna Page, is expecting her second child this year. Best known as Stacey from the BBC show ‘Gavin and Stacey’, Joanna’s Welsh and would definitely sing the praises of spring in Carmarthenshire. There are few places prettier in the UK at this time of year and if your thing is gorgeous wild landscape, endless views and the bobbing around of newborn lambs, they call this area ‘The Garden of Wales’ and you’ll love it.

Finally, how could we celebrate perfect Mother’s Day destinations this year without mentioning one of the world’s most famous mothers to be, the Duchess of Cambridge? With young Prince George about to become a big brother in April and the bunting already being unravelled in anticipation, is there a more perfect time to visit the Duchess’s namesake city? Even without its royal connections, Cambridge is breathtaking and perfect if you’re given to a passion for historic buildings, quaint tearooms, charming little shops and delightful, very, very traditional English countryside.

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