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4 years, 7 months ago

Malta – The next European holiday destination

You will find Malta sitting to the south of Italy and east of Tunisia in the middle of the sparkeling Mediterranean ocean. Expect to be welcomed by friendly locals, a warm sub tropical climate and delicious local food and wine.

HouseTrip currently has 496 properties for rent in Malta. With the Maltese archipelago being only 316km² that means you can find a HouseTrip holiday rental virtually ever 650m² – pretty impressive right?

Malta is made up of just 2 main islands (3 if you count little Comino), Malta island and Gozo island. With the former being the larger and more busy of the two. For an authentic unhurried Maltese experience, make sure you stay at least a few nights on Gozo and don’t miss out on a day trip to the famous Blue Lagoon.

A gorgeous country that is still a little off the beaten track, yet very accessible. Malta makes the perfect holiday destination for sun seekers, culture buffs and adventure addicts.

Check out a nice travel infographic about Malta by one of our partners here.

Malta: Why it is Europe Top Off The Radar Travel Destination
Courtesy of: Many Malta Apartments

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