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6 years, 8 months ago

Photo Friday – 10 of the Best Hidden Beaches in Europe

With summer rapidly approaching, many will be flocking to Europe’s most popular spiaggias, playas and plages. But if you’re looking to avoid the bucket and spade brigade, all you need is a bit of local knowledge – something HouseTrip considers a bit of a specialty.

Being hosted by a local while on holiday allows you a much richer experience – so don’t forget to pick your Host’s brains for great ideas for day trips, nightly jaunts and the best place to find that fish dish you love.

Here are pictures from some of Europe’s best lesser-known stretches of beach. Now, imagine the warm sand between your toes, enjoy the sensation, and get in the mood for the weekend.

Myrtos1. Myrtos Beach, Greece – Antti Simonen

Saleccia2. Saleccia Beach, Corsica – fabcom

Dhermi3. Dhermi Beach, Albania – curious fish

Smuggler's Cove4. Smuggler’s Cove, Greece – Eelke de Blouw

Noirmoutier5. Noirmoutier, Loire, France – Spone

Mwnt 6. Mwnt Beach, Wales – stephendl

Marathonisi7. Marathonisi Island, Zakynthos – zolakoma

Skagen8. Skagen Beach, Denmark – Poul Werner

Es Migjorn9. Es Migjorn, Menorca – MontanNito

Praia Ingrina10. Praia Ingrina, Algarve, Portugal – tintas

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