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6 years, 11 months ago

Photo Friday – A Celebration of Sweden

Thanks to Loreen and her goose-pimply song ‘Euphoria’, last year Sweden won the privilege of hosting Eurovision 2013. If you’re planning on visiting, Eurovision is scheduled on the cusp of Swedish summer (finals on the 18th of May) so it’s a great time to visit.

This year’s competition will take place in Malmö, a fun place filled with bicycles and outdoor cafes. But one of our favourite things about Sweden is its ancient Right to Roam law (allemansrätten) which you may not know aboutThis gives members of the public the right to access, walk, ride, ski, cycle and camp on practically any land, even most privately owned land, picking wildflowers and mushrooms as you do. So take a good hard think about visiting the beautiful Norse countryside and exercising your constitutional right to gallivant.

Please enjoy this collection of images from around the country, and have a great weekend.



Viking boatsFrisno



Göteborg Botanical GardenMichael Cavén

Marielund station*Kicki*

StockholmTobias Lindman

Botkyrka Churchlinkahwai



Swedish wildflowersArun Jr


Swedish sunsetFrida J


Featured image by just.Luc

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