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6 years, 8 months ago

Photo Friday – cliff-side retreats

If, like us, you’re rather partial to an amazing view – maybe you should visit a town built on the side of a cliff for your next break. From Italy to Corsica, Mexico to Yemen, all around the world you can find quaint, idyllic villages and towns with the most exciting views, enough to leave your jaw dropped more than an MDC ballot at a Zimbabwean election.

Here are a few of our favourite cliff-side retreats. We wish you a weekend with at least two medium-sized adventures, and no pitfalls to speak of.

Bonifacioin the south of Corsica


Acapulco, along Mexico’s Pacific coast


Ronda, in the Spanish province of Málaga


Positano, on the Amalfi Coast in Italy


Santorinia Greek island in the Aegean Sea


Cinque Terrefive villages clumped along the Italian Riviera


Cuencaa city in central Spain

3518647017_6d46802de1_bJose Luis Meiza Photography

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  • Linda Donahue says:

    Those were some beautiful pics. great job. keep the good work on.

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