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7 years, 12 days ago

Photo Friday – Our Cottage Collection

In this week’s photo Friday, we take a look at some of HouseTrip’s quaint cottages around the world. If you’re looking to enjoy some time away from ‘it all’ with the family, there isn’t a lot that can beat a rural retreat in your own home in the country.

Please enjoy this collection of beautiful cottages, they may even inspire you when looking for a  place to stay.

65039Image by Graham And Jenny.

1073994Image by palmcottage.

2085634Image by Charles.

1569830Image by Nigel and Wendy.

1578247Image by Paul Byrne.

2344506Image by Countryview.

1938227Image by Anna MB.

1048827Image by Elaine.

1706343Image by Ephesus Rentals.

88209Image (and caption) by galiciavac.

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