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6 years, 3 months ago

Photo Friday – Fireworks displays around the world

Happy Friday everyone. Are you planning to celebrate Guy Fawkes this coming Tuesday? While mostly cheered and gawked at in the UK at this time of year, lots of us all over the world will take any old excuse to strike some match, hear the fuse fizzing with baited breath and gawp like children at beautiful displays overhead.

But if you don’t plan on taking part in the fun, remember remember, on the 5th of November, to go get some earplugs because it’s going to be really loud.

To help get you in the mood and kick-start your weekend, please enjoy this collection of kaleidoscopic explosions from around the world.

928505775_f86d5a6d8c_bHong Kong. Credit: Stuck in Customs

396411390_523becd3bf_bSydney. Credit: Christopher Chan

3233936415_543ab8238e_oLondon. Credit: Horatiu Curutiu

4952070739_bb279aa8bd_bZurich. Credit: Tambako

3043760419_a25ffb950a_bFlorida. Credit: Express Monorail

7598643906_30b2b527e7_bParis. Credit: marcia.taylor

8019830425_45f533bdcb_bBarcelona. Credit: Julien Lagarde

4805514641_0d8c7e2272_bVenice. Credit: bolantrodor

P1020933Amsterdam. Credit: #Eelco

3164768706_0717b032ed_bEdinburgh. Credit: chrispaton

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