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7 years, 26 days ago

Photo Friday – Floating Homes You Can Rent

In this week’s Photo Friday we are casting off and exploring some boats around the world where you may hang your hat. Everybody knows that a houseboat in Amsterdam is one of the best ways to enjoy this city if you like the canal life, with the water gently lapping beneath your hull and rocking you to sleep. But did you know that Paris also has a huge selection of boats docked along the banks of the Seine?

Next time you’re thinking of somewhere unusual to stay for your break, then maybe a spacious, luxurious houseboat is the answer.

Have a great weekend.

Amsterdam1Zeeburg, Amsterdam. By Myra.

8099Bastille, Paris. By l’amiral.

97878Alapphuza, India. By BudgetHouseBoats.

152818Key West, Florida. By Sleep Afloat.

121702Westerpark, Amsterdam. By Myra.

134276Portsmouth, UK. By wendybarry.

123731Key Largo, Florida. By Chanoch.

6790In the heart of Edinburgh. By The Four Sisters Boatel.

5379One of the five best houseboats in the world, Amsterdam. By Hans.

2564La Defense, Paris. By Cathy & Fred.


Featured image by Jacob.

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