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6 years, 5 months ago

Photo Friday: London’s Food Markets

Happy Friday everyone. Today we’re taking a quick saunter through some of London‘s food markets, renowned for their variety and the simple freshness of their ingredients. Make sure to stop often to smell the grilling meats, and take in the beautiful displays of fresh, organic produce to take back and cook in the kitchen of your holiday rental.

Which food market in London is your favourite?


Borough Market

mushroom magiccredit: Stepheye

Leadenhall Market

3290586675_ffcdcdbe4f_bcredit: friedwater

Spitalfields Market

283488834_a2402b49f5_bcredit: jovike

Billingsgate Fish Market

4429843202_540794a7a5_bcredit: Julie70

New Covent Garden Market

4733937870_e3e31c2211_bcredit: Tilemahos 

Smithfield Market

6234491142_3beb90fa3c_bcredit: Nate Gray

Chelsea Farmer’s Market

4608597310_2a0935fe84_bcredit: Rosapolis

Greenwich Market

8533371717_64ea4527a7_bcredit: garryknight

Featured image by garryknight.

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