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6 years, 6 months ago

Photo Friday: Olympics 2020 contenders

The International Olympic Committee are getting ready for a huge announcement this weekend: who will host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games? The 3 contenders have been preening their feathers, flexing their muscles and showing their best side.

And it’s all come down to this.

Will current favourite Madrid claim this incredible honour?

6807577416_ede3d504a2_bcredit: Víctor Peña

3235553454_db75078df4_bcredit: Tonymadrid Photography

3695670248_3c6b3d3ddd_bcredit: marcp_dmoz

4539815165_422ec8a7f3_bcredit: marcp_dmoz

3825225741_c1eb5b0315_bcredit: marcp_dmoz


Will Tokyo be able to overcome the negativity surrounding the Fukushima disaster, and prove to the world they have the passion to host the best games yet?

4353782832_0515384520_bcredit: Brendan Skinner

3518329058_2afd90dac8_ocredit: sinkdd

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comcredit: Stuck in Customs

8212768893_5d68b89b08_bcredit: Jun Takeuchi

Tokyo at Duskcredit: Stuck in Customs

Or perhaps Istanbul, making its 5th bid for the games, will finally be able to show us all just what their flourishing economy, young population and widespread support will give to a transcontinental games.

4734493571_dc75c8a478_bcredit: Christopher Chan

2145194044_bc49f91f43_bcredit: marfis75

HPIM1260.JPGcredit: Kıvanç Niş

2238236515_a078563c8b_bcredit: symmeriana

3208045894_5aeb44a56d_bcredit: alekspression


Who would you like to see hosting the 2020 Olympics?



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