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6 years, 9 months ago

Photo Friday – One year until Rio World Cup

A popular idiom, when people are talking about when an event will begin, is to talk about ‘kick-off’. Well we can say with utmost surety and completely literally that the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be kicking off in just over a year, the 12th of June 2014 to be exact.

All the glory, excitement, screaming and crying of one of the world’s most popular sporting events combined with the zeal, enthusiasm and sheer beauty of Brazil and the stunning, warm, cosmopolitan and animated capital of Rio de Janeiro. The 20th Football World Cup is going to be one to remember.

Will the Hosts keep the trophy at home? The last time they hosted the world cup in 1950, Brazil lost out to Uruguay in the final in a shocking 2-1 defeat. The home crowds were completely devastated as Brazil needed only to draw to be lifting the coveted trophy for a victory lap in front of a 200,000 strong crowd. But it was not to be. With 11 minutes left to play, Uruguay snuck a goal passed Barbosa and the Brazilians were left devastated.

Who do you want to be lifting the World Cup? Do you think vuvuzelas will make it across the Atlantic from South Africa?

Here’s a collection of images from Rio and the locals’ passion for football. They make it look so easy.

Have a great weekend everyone.




5269503370_082d082fcc_bDavid Berkowitz


4688682700_b2764434d6_b Fountain_Head


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Featured image by Nicolas Nojarof

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