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6 years, 6 months ago

Photo Friday – Peaceful holiday homes

A day completely dedicated to the lofty goal of world peace, this year through a focus on spreading peace through education. The International Day of Peace is a wonderful day, and should be readily promoted and celebrated in as many ways as possible.

This year it falls on September 21, tomorrow. So to inspire you to think of how you can spread peace through your snippet of the world, you should try to be in more peaceful surroundings. So with that in mind, here are a few incredibly tranquil, serene and war-endingly zen HouseTrip properties around the world for you to imagine yourself relaxing and unwinding in.



peace1Host: Olivier

Outskirts of Brussels 

peace2Host: Catherine


peace3Host: Zeldal


peace4Host: Suzanne


peace5Host: Book Sorrento Villas


peace6Host: Villa Champagne


peace7Host: Talaefun

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