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6 years, 11 months ago

Photo Friday – St. Patrick’s Day Around The World

In anticipation of Saint Paddy’s this Sunday, in this week’s Photo Friday we attempt to bring together some amazing images of the day when everyone is Irish, no matter where you are!

It is considered lucky to find a four leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day, so we highly suggest a forage for one as something to do with the kids this Sunday.

4499583773_1a6d4b1a1b_bImage by ANdrew – HUH.

426254744_4f903ee2d4_bImage by KRiSS_.

426250230_ff5d7df1d5_bImage by KRiSS_.

117919863_947fd8a497_bImage by Wigi.

5596989519_4c0df0d0ea_bImage by Peej’s Photos.

4432560454_c8f4c0dcaf_bImage by sebastien.barre.

5484899281_3be120ffce_bImage by Photolifer.

424200188_90d3491baf_zImage by MmMmMmMatt.

4438307377_c372f10485_bImage by markhillary.

6865809702_ce4d6d4955_bImage by fruitbit.

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