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6 years, 3 months ago

Photo Friday – Statues of Liberty Around the World

Did you know that there are more than one Statue of Liberty? A lot more in fact?

And the most famous Lady Liberty in New York wasn’t even the original. Bartholdi, her sculptor, created a smaller version first, which can still be found today in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

Here’s a collection of a few statues of liberty from everywhere. We hope you have a liberating weekend.

8884788573_eac6e8d358_bLas Vegas, Nevada. credit: SpreadTheMagic

Statue_de_la_liberteJardin du Luxembourg, Paris. credit: Wikipedia

3837432560_c3a07e2519_bColmar, Alsace, France. credit: OliBac

5690584055_14e537ddc3_bLviv, Ukraine. credit: Magalie L’Abbé

5114589428_61a2fc6a54_bLeicester, England. credit: Wyrmworld

2091187966_e8be53c923_oRio de Janeiro, Brazil. credit: Gijlmar

4837572553_1ffa084bae_bTokyo, Japan. credit: arcreyes

41862628_b098a188d9_bGuangzhou, China. credit: Photocapy

The_replica_of_the_Statue_of_Liberty_in_Camp_John_Hay_in_BaguioBaguio, Philippines. credit: Wikipedia

2530770898_8c5f59b8ef_oAdelaide, Australia. credit: Pisces Romance 2


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