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6 years, 10 months ago

Photo Friday – the luxury of Cannes for less

Post and pictures by renowned travel photo-blogger Kirsten Alana as part of our #housetripping series.


Cannes is a luxurious town in a part of France known not for budget travel but for opulence and elegance. So how do you experience this most famous of French Riviera towns on a budget?

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It’s not easy but if you’re willing to be creative and work a little harder than the normal vacationer, it’s entirely possible to experience the luxury of Cannes for less! I spent several days this spring touring the city and I found out there is a way for almost anyone on any budget to enjoy themselves.

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If you’ve come to Cannes for the fashion, you’ll want to start on Boulevard de la Croisette. Boutiques like Celine, which represent the very best of French fashion, will inspire and inform you as to what’s currently in style yet other high-end designer stores like Chanel, Hermes and Cartier will make your wallet groan. So, head instead to Sandro or Maje for chic French style at half the price tags found on Boulevard de la Croisette. There are even outlets and less expensive, but still luxurious, boutiques back on Rue d’Antibes, which runs parallel to Boulevard de la Croisette. For affordable, yet luxurious, men’s fashion seek out San Francisco.

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Perfume is another draw for many shoppers in Cannes. Instead of buying the latest designer scent at an astronomical price, take a day trip to Grasse which won’t cost more than 12 euros on the train, and make your own customized scent in the same place the high end perfumeries take their inspiration and science from. The personal nature of making your own perfume there is most definitely a luxury that’s still accessible.

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Also on Rue d’Antibes in Cannes are wholesale pharmacies where you can stock up on French skincare at prices significantly less than full retail. Sizes are the same, the brands are the same, there’s no sacrifice in luxury – only a less painful impact to your wallet!

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It won’t take you long to notice Cannes is filled not just with luxury clothing but with luxury cars as well. If you want to fit in and drive such a car along the palm tree-lined boulevards, consider renting a convertible for just a day or a portion of your trip, instead of the entire length of your holiday. Plan accordingly so you can really show off the car while you do have it, and then spend the rest of your time walking Cannes or utilizing its inexpensive bus system to get around!

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If you’re visiting Cannes to experience the great restaurants and culinary culture, there is a way to experience that almost painlessly as well. Most of the best restaurants in Cannes have lunch menus that feature lunch-sized pricing attached to food that is every bit as luxurious as that found in the evening menus, for less. Often lunch is even cooked by the same chefs and features the very same ingredients. For instance, a restaurant that in the evening would cost 80 euros total for just one person could be experienced during the lunch hour for less than 25 euros. Most restaurants feature a prixe fixe menu enabling the consumer to enjoy wine, a starter and a main entrée, all for one set price. Choose to then cook dinner at home in your HouseTrip apartment and you could cut your food expenses in half without sacrificing experience.

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The number 200 bus departs regularly from Cannes and can be taken all the way to Monaco for only one euro. While Monaco is even less inclined to be ready for budget travelers than Cannes, a save in the transportation department means you can splurge a little once you do get to the city that is actually a country, made famous by Princess Grace and James Bond.

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By renting a HouseTrip apartment and following even a few of these simple tips to experience the luxury of Cannes for less, you should be able to have an affordable dream holiday in one of the French Riviera’s most sought after destinations – even during the film festival!

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