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6 years, 7 months ago

Photo Friday – top 10 street foods around the world

One of the main reasons that people travel somewhere completely new, is to find and discover exotic cuisine. Every culture has it, a dish that you can find cheaply on the side of the road, that locals tuck into with relish and abandon and leave you thinking “Gosh that looks interesting I wonder what will happen if I put that in my mouth”, right before you do so and your tongue turns into a 60’s roller disco of flashing lights, groovy rhythms and jamming funkily.

So, to whet your appetite for our #foodietravels hangout this afternoon with Niamh Shields, here are 10 of our favourite street foods from across the globe. Interesting question: have you ever noticed that a lot of the world’s favourite street foods contains chips?

Crêpes – Paris

1429936303_47fde29f23_bcredit wallyg

Currywurst – Berlin

1879146425_825689399e_bcredit WordRidden

Som tam (green papaya salad) – Bangkok

4430515699_fc3f1d76f5_ocredit goodiesfirst

Fish Tacos – Playa del Carmen

561231974_3a2693c089_bcredit feministjulie

Fish & Chips – London

4219067425_2be14853d6_bcredit – kerolic

Kebab – Istanbul

4551332366_68b0f6f6ff_bcredit The Way of Slow Travel

El Lomito – Santiago

4507368441_7dfa911de8_ocredit Bud_Spencer

Hot Dog – New York 

1595020980_5382f2afb9_ocredit Lan Bui

Poutine – Montréal

5165729680_4f14c49b0c_bcredit Kyle Strickland

Pinxto – Bilbao

8229676471_c6be403489_bcredit agirregabiria

Oh and in case you missed the announcements, join us at 1pm today (UK time) for a live chat with renowned food blogger Niamh Shields. If you have questions for her, tweet them @housetrip with the hash tag #foodietravels and we’ll ask her the best ones.

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Featured image by williamcho.

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