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6 years, 8 months ago

Photo Menu – Great Madrid Tapas

Feeling peckish?

Many of you dear readers are travelling to Spain for your summer breaks this year. With that in mind, we thought it worth reminding you of the culinary delights that are in store for you. Madrid is renowned for having the widest selection of Spanish culinary delights. Whether you’re from the north of Spain and call them pintxos, or the south and call them tapas, this style of cooking and eating is so enjoyable because it is incredibly social.

From intricately designed to heartily prepared, every town, each beach-side resort and practically all the bars and restaurants will have a selection of bite-sized meals for you and your companions to work your way through.  Our favourite traditional delicacies are:

a) tortilla de patatas

b) lomo Iberico

c) jamon y melon

d) pimientos de padron

Enjoy this photo menu of what’s in store this summer in Madrid, and have a delectable weekend.

Ensalada de tomato con queso de cabraTomato and goat cheese salad, jlastras

PimientosPimientos de Padron, su-lin

Oreja de la plancha, deramaenrama

OystersOysters in the shell, xmatt

Olive skewersOliver skewers, shaggyshoo

Lomo IbericoLomo Iberico, jlastras

Jamon con foieJamon con foie, jlastras

Brie, anchovy, mixed pepper & balsamic baguette, Allan Reyes

TortillaTortilla de patata, jlastras

Patatas bravaspatatas bravas, arsheffield

Pintxosbaguettes of pimiento, goat cheese, anchovy and cherry tomato, PromoMadrid


Featured image by Javier Medina

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