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7 years, 7 months ago

Top restaurant hotspots for London Fashion Week

In the first of her posts for Trip+ Abi Marvel shares 3 of her favourite London restaurants for London Fashion Week which kicks off on Friday 14th September. Here we travel to the exclusive setting of Mayfair and to the almost as exclusive DABBOUS restaurant. Let’s tuck in.

It’s not always obvious where you should eat out whilst in London. You have the well-known locations like Claridges or The Wolseley, but if you want to experience something slightly different, I suggest you head on over to Dabbous. My goodness, what a spectacular experience you are in for!
Everything from the life changing mashed potato starter, to one of the most intriguing pieces of pork I’ve ever tasted, it’s quite simply one of a kind!

What to order?

  • Mashed potato, roasting juices and black truffle
  • Barbecued ibérico pork, savoury acorn praline, turnip tops, homemade apple vinegar
  • Grilled scallop, virgin rapeseed oil mayonnaise, Jerusalem artichoke
  • Barley flour sponge soaked in red tea, Tahitian vanilla cream
  • Chocolate and virgin hazelnut oil ganache, basil moss, sheeps’ milk ice cream

Dabbous opened at the beginning of the year and with all the meal prices ranging from £4 to £14 let’s just say they are generally pretty popular. It’s a London hotpot that many people may not know about but those that do, go regularly which is obvious what with it’s current 2/3 month waiting list!

They’re opened Tuesday to Saturday, from noon until 11.30pm; it’s a great place to check out for any meal of the day however, on your first visit, I suggest you make it a lunch time as they have an incredible set lunch menu that you should try

Set Lunch Menu

  • Salad of fennel, lemon balm and pickled rose petals
  • Celeriac with Muscat grapes, lovage and hazelnuts


  • Confit Glenarm salmon with warm buttermilk and ‘hispi’ cabbage
  • Grilled monkfish cheeks, virgin rapeseed oil mayonnaise, Jerusalem artichoke


  • Duck leg confit, sweet clover kuzu, quince poached in wine and honey
  • Barbecued pork belly, savoury acorn praline, turnip tops, homemade apple vinegar


  • Fig leaf ice cream
  • British cheese with baked apple and toasted sourdough (supplement £4)

3 courses £21 / 4 courses £24
To reserve a table use OpenTable or their details below.

39 Whitfield St
Telephone: 0207 323 1544


Next up on the ‘Places you genuinely have to try’ list is Novikov. Situated a stones throw from The Ritz, on Berkeley Street (Mayfair), this restaurant definitely is far from embodying a classic English vibe, but it is interesting.

With two contradictory parts, Novikov is definitely somewhere to try – what do I mean exactly? Well on my visit, I dined in the “Asian Room”, but if you take a slight right when you enter instead of left, you’ll find yourself in the Italian quarter, which is just as impressive.

As you are about to order the waiter will usher you towards the ‘Market’ area in the off chance that you didn’t deem anything on the menu as interesting enough or if you just wanted something completely personal.

Novikov do seafood in such a cool way, that those who wouldn’t usually order seafood find themselves devouring some interesting and seafood filled dishes!

When it was time for the main food, I wasn’t going to get a starter, but the waiter insisted that we try the Black cod rolls with mango sauce, so I thought why not, I’ve already had a load of seafood tonight, why stop now?

These were pretty special, I mean they had a crispy almost noodle like outer layer, but then as you ate them, it turned soft as you reached the cod, the textures literally blew me away, Novikov definitely changed my view on Seafood and on that note, I must insist that you order it on your visit too.

As for the rest of the food, they brought out Roast Duck and Scottish diver scallops with yuzu mayonnaise & crispy lemon grass. Finally for dessert, I discovered a new dish, Pineapple Ravioli! A delicate and unique approach to serving the fruit.

Novikov is honestly an experience. I mean the range of emotions I went through whilst dining here was slightly humorous; I’ll be back to try the Italian but in the mean time, book a reservation now in the Asian cuisine, so that you can experience it all for yourself!

50a Berkeley Street
Mayfair, London
T: +44 (0) 207 399 4330

For me Sketch is pretty much my second home, I’m there all the time, the staff know me, I know the menu like the back of my hand – we have this mutual love for each other and it will forever continue.

However what with their recent renovation and general upgrading of certain parts of the venue, my thoughts became mixed, as the ‘old sketch’ was just so classic. Saying that one of the new additions has fully restored my faith in Sketch’s coolness, The Glade. It is such a surreal room. With it’s forest like wonder, breezy filled atmosphere and natural furniture, I thought I’d share some pictures from my last visit with you to see what you thought about it..

Currently on the menu they have a selection of sorbets, including green apple and strawberry as well as Macaroons in Earl Grey and flavours!

9 Conduit Street
London, W1S 2XG
020 7659 4500

Share your favourite London restaurants in the comments below, or if you’ve felt inspired to the visit the capital, click here to view the range of holiday apartments in London.

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