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7 years, 3 months ago

Six glamorous things to do for free in Nice

Bonjour Nice with your Mediterranean sunshine, blue seas and skies! How we love combining you with some sunglasses and an oversized sunhat to automatically blend in with your glamourati. If you readers follow our list of six glamorous things to do for free in Nice, you will feel part of the rich and famous of the Cote d’Azur, without being rich or famous.

Pose at the best viewpoint in town on Castle Hill

So getting there may not be the most glamorous of excursions (ladies, leave the heels at home) but the view is worth the climb to where Nice’s castle used to stand. Consider packing a picnic or a bottle of wine and making the climb at dusk because the experience of watching the changing colours of the sunset bounce off the sea will be a rich one.

Castle Hill, Nice, Côte d’Azur – Image © Simon

Image © Simon

Image © Simon

Hang out with some (expensive) fine art

Both the Musée des Beaux Arts and the Matisse Museum are free admission and the latter should be visited just to see the stunning 17th century building it is set in, which will give you an idea of how the glamorous of years-gone-by liked to live. Step inside to find out more about the man behind the million dollar paintings. Nice’s art galleries are free too with Gallerie Renoir on Rue de la Loge being worth a visit thanks to its focus on showcasing young artists whose work is directly inspired by Nice and the surrounding region.

Image © Karen

Pick out your favourite yacht

A stroll around the marina at Port de Nice takes window-shopping to another level, as you have the chance to gaze longingly at some of the most luxurious super yachts that have sailed the seas. With some featuring swimming pools, Jacuzzis and helipads; allow your imagination to go wild and pick your favourite or see if you can spot the super rich or famous who own them.

Image © Eric Page

 Image © Ecololo

Image © Zemistor

People watch at Place Masséna

Exhausted by all the yacht watching, perch up in Place Masséna, Nice’s elegant main town square. With black and white marble mosaic floor, dramatic fountains and Italian-style red terraced houses and arches running along the outside, this is the main hub of the city. It’s often used as a meeting point thanks to its access to the beach, the old town and the main shopping street (Avenue Jean-Medicin) and is where many locals stop for a while to watch the world go by; so why not join them?

Image © Luca Nebuloni

Image © Sylvain Gamel

Image © Marco Assini

Spy on the real rich and famous along la promenade des Anglais

For years and years famous figures have been coming to the beach at Nice to soak up the sun and dip their toes in the Mediterranean, and to accommodate this, many of the beachfront hotels maintain exclusive-looking sections of the beach for their glamorous hotel guests. The only problem is that the walkway that lines the seafront, la Promenade des Anglais, effectively makes the beach one long fish bowl for you to spy on. This is your chance to literally look down upon the real rich and famous as you walk along enjoying Nice’s stylish seafront.

Image © Gareth

Image © Rafael Garcia-Suarez

Try some local food at Cours Saleya market

Depending on your appetite, this market could be the infamous free lunch that apparently doesn’t exist, if you don’t mind grazing on the different testers and tasters that this farmers market have to offer that is. With local produce on sale next to beautiful flowers and provençal soaps and oils, this is a market that will satisfy all senses. If you’re looking for ingredients to cook with, get here early in the morning, but if free-loading food and atmosphere is your game then forget to set the alarm and be fashionably, no glamorously late.

Image © Dimitris Kilymis

Image © Karen

Cours Saleya flowers market, Nice, France

Image © Tran’s World Productions

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  • Lynsey Holland says:

    We visited Nice in May it is stunning! Our new favourite place! So beautiful Sun Sea Flowers Food Wine I could go on and on, coming back soon! CAN’T WAIT! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lynsey and Edward

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