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7 years, 5 months ago

Seven reasons why Vienna is the new capital of cool

For the last few years, Vienna has been sitting pretty at the top of a number of surveys as one of the best cities in the world to live in; thanks to high standards of living and an overdose of culture and history on every street corner. As lovely as this sounds it doesn’t exactly summon the hipsters in their droves, enticing them away from the known capitals of cool like Berlin and Barcelona. What will, however, spark the coolest of the cool’s interest are the following seven reasons you should also consider for visiting Vienna and soon!

1. Nibble at the Naschmarkt

Arguably Vienna’s most famous market, Naschmarkt does what it says on the tin and what it’s name “Nasch” means is nibble. This is not only a farmer’s and street food market where you can try a range of international cuisines from falafel to mango lassis, but there are also vintage and antique stalls to peruse.

Image © Clemens Koppensteiner

Image © Gunar Grummt

Image © Bauke Karel

Image © Bauke Karel

2. Hang out with Hugo in a Beach Bar

The Tirolean drink Hugo isn’t just a drink for the Alps, with cities like Innsbruck and Vienna making it their own. This cocktail mixes prosecco, elderflower cordial and soda water to make a refreshing aperitif that carries through even in the cooler months of autumn and winter. You can find it being served to the trendiest in the ‘beach bars’ that line the Danube Canal. For an even more unique bar experience, hop on board the Badeschiff, a converted ship now home to a bar and restaurant.

Badeschiff Wien – Image © Alex Barth

3. Feel free In Freihausviertel

Next door to Naschmarket is Freihausviertel, Vienna’s trendiest area full of bars, cafes and restaurants screaming for people to see and be seen in.  This is the part of town that never sleeps, so head out to one of the late night bars like Transporter Bar or the “industrial chic” Zweitbester with its rotating DJs and chefs – who are sometimes the very same people!

Image © Beate Firlinger

4. Taste the best Wienerschnitzel in Wien

Even hipsters eat schnitzel, the most famous of Vienna’s culinary offerings and the Figlmueller claims to be the best of the best. You can expect the lovingly prepared huge slab of schnitzel to hang over your plate and though the décor can’t claim to compete with the coolest places to eat in town, the waiters do wear geek chic bowties, though we suspect it’s not in the ironic fashion that the trendies do!

Image © Marc Jordana

5. Get lost in Humana for a good cause

Humana is the name of a charity which finances relief and project work in Africa and Asia; through the sales of second hand clothes and textile recycling. While this is a wonderful thing in itself it also means that Vienna is home to a huge Humana secondhand clothes shop that keeps vintage lovers and bargain hunters happy while also supporting a good cause.

6. Visit Mumok

Found within the surprisingly modern and designer friendly Museumsquartier of Vienna, Mumok is the city’s modern art museum. Though exhibitions change regularly, the focus on modern and contemporary art stays the same, which means that design junkies can easily get their fix of the latest artistic and photographic works by Viennese and international artists.

Image © magro_kr


Image © Ryan Gallagher

7. Read, sit, listen & watch at Phil

Phil is a treat for anyone who wants to assault all the senses at once; as it’s a bar that also serves as a furniture store, library, record shop and a live music venue. Don’t plan on just popping in for a few minutes, this place needs to be enjoyed for a few hours, especially if they’re showing a film or hosting some live classical music.

Header image of Belvedere in Vienna © Franz Jachim

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